Top 12 Facts on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS is one of the maximum common fitness issues encountered in girls. It’s miles characterised by using a hormonal imbalance and presence of cysts in the ovaries.

Normally, both male and lady hormones are required for the right functioning of the body. In girls with PCOS, male hormones are produced in extra. This hormonal sickness reasons symptoms like hirsutism (extra facial hair boom), weight problems, thinning of hair, male sample baldness, zits and abnormal durations.

If any of the above signs are seen in a lady, then PCOS needs to be taken into consideration and investigated.

Right here are some need to realize records about PCOS:

  • Around 5-10 percentage of girls within the reproductive age group are stricken by PCOS. Lamentably, much less than 50 percentage girls are effectively identified and therefore do now not get hold of right remedy.
  • PCOS is likewise extraordinarily common in India with about 1 in every five ladies suffering from the circumstance.
  • PCOS appears to have a genetic predisposition. It’s far extra commonly recognized in girls whose mom or sister additionally affected with the identical situation.
  • PCOS can have an effect on any time after menarche however is generally recognized whilst the girl is in her 1920s or Thirties.
  • The signs seen in PCOS like hirsutism, zits, thinning of hair are linked to high androgen (male hormone) production.

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