NASA Warns Massive Asteroid Is Heading Towards Earth TODAY

Scientists have claimed that the rock, known as 2004 BO41, could have a ‘near Earth pass’ later this afternoon.

However don’t stress too much. The give up isn’t near, as a ‘close to Earth bypass’ isn’t simply that close to at all – in fact, the asteroid goes to move beyond the Earth 7.3 million miles away (that’s 30 times similarly away than the moon), reviews the each day big name.

It’s miles known as a close to Earth bypass truely because of how terrifyingly large the Universe is.

sky lights space dark

However, don’t forestall panicking absolutely simply but, as NASA has additionally showed that a miles smaller asteroid is heading toward Earth at a speed of 31,000 mph. Why is NASA choosing to terrify us all these days?

The smaller area rock, referred to as QL44, is sixty one-metres lengthy and is expected to hit the Earth or narrowly leave out it on September 17 – but, NASA have claimed they’re very ‘unsure’ about its flight direction.

Professionals have claimed that if this meteor was to hit a city the dimensions of London it’d have an effect as detrimental as several nuclear bombs.

Asteroids are being observed by means of scientists an increasing number of each day, but alarmingly, handiest 10 according to cent of them definitely get spotted.

Luckily, if these asteroids don’t absolutely devastate the earth then the apocalypse will annihilate us next year anyways – or as a minimum that’s what this radical institution believes.


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