A NASA Scientist Warns That We Are Completely Unprepared For A Surprise Asteroid Or Comet Strike

On Monday, Dr. Joseph Nuth announced Earth isn’t always organized for the appearance of a marvel asteroid or comet. Nuth’s comments got here at some point of the annual American Geophysical Union meeting in which he went on to mention the planet can be past due for an extinction-stage event. Nuth is aware of that even supposing Earth detects a monstrosity hurdling towards the planet, there is very little we could do:
“the largest problem, basically, is there’s now not a hell of a lot we are able to do approximately it in the interim. but however they may be the extinction-level events, such things as dinosaur killers, they’re 50 to 60 million years aside, basically. you could say, of course, we’re due, however it’s a random path at that factor.”

Of path, this chance is nothing new, as Earth had near calls with rogue asteroids and comets in the past. Nuth pinpointed examples; once in 1996 when a comet flew into Jupiter and the second one time in 2014 whilst a comet passed “within cosmic spitting distance of Mars.” And to strike fear into greater people’s minds, Nuth said the 2014 comet became determined 22 months ahead, which is not nearly sufficient time to coordinate and launch a preemptive strike, as “it takes five years to release a spacecraft.”

Despite the fact that Nuth is signaling that the end is nigh, NASA offers a beacon of desire, as the employer has installation a planetary protection workplace to counter such an occasion. Nuth applauded their ingenuity, saying it could reduce that five yr period in half, however turned into still pessimistic (or realistic?), calling it a “hail-mary bypass.”


Source: yahoo.com

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