On the campaign trail, President-opt for Donald Trump boasted of his support of clinical marijuana. but the current appointment of residence representative Tom fee (R-Georgia) to cabinet shows that his enthusiasm for cannabis reform has cooled off considering that triumphing the election.

Price will serve as health and Human services secretary – a role that has a few say over the legality of cannabis. right now, scientific marijuana is felony in 29 American states, but it remains federally prohibited. In reality, the federal government lists marijuana along with heroin as a schedule I drug in the controlled substances Act (CSA) – that means that cannabis is a risky, especially addictive substance with out a medical fee within the eyes of the government.

That could’ve modified remaining summer season when the DEA had the danger to reschedule hashish. but DEA leader Chuck Rosenberg doubled down on prohibition, bringing up the branch of fitness and Human offerings’ position on hashish to justify maintaining the status quo.

“The HHS concluded that marijuana has a high potential for abuse, has no accepted scientific use inside the u.s.a., and lacks a suitable level of safety to be used even underneath medical supervision,” Rosenberg wrote in a letter outlining his selection on the problem.

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